Welcome to MyPickerington Community Website

My name is Susan Fausnaugh. I am the editor and creator of this unique website. Please take time to look through the categories and you will agree .. It is unique. Because it is a work in progress, you might find a kink here or there. Let us know if you do.

         Why We Are Different

MyPickerington advertisers support our site as a way to build relationships with new customers while giving back to the community. The events calendar, photo gallery, free classifieds section, local job board are provided because of this support.  

You will find no consumer reviews on this site. Quite simply, reviews are easily manipulated and it is impossible for an advertiser-paid site to serve two masters: both advertiser and the consumer. With that said, the service providers we list in our directory have been researched by our staff for locality and customer satisfaction.  We will never knowingly allow a substandard business to advertise. We are here to provide easy access to local area businesses without irritating pop-upsre-directs or stalk you by collecting cookies.

What I Believe 

Because of the structure of online search, local business struggles to get noticed in their own backyard. MyPickerington will help small business grow.

Consumers should never use one source of information and always use due diligence by conducting personal research before choosing any service provider. Non paid sites will provide the most accurate information on a business.

Even in a world filled with techno relationships, people still instinctively seek authentic connections with one another.  MyPickerington will strive to serve this purpose. 

Designed for growth and adjusted by your feedback, this site will become what YOU want it to be. We want it fun, useful and stress-free. I hope you visit often, provide input and encourage others to do the same.

Thanks for visiting!

Your Editor, Susan


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